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*Introduction: Don't Be Embarrassed: Natural Remedies for Pregnancy Constipation
*Superheroine Superfood: The All Powerful Flax Seeds
*Question: "How do I find a pediatrician who's open to veganism?"
*Recipe of the Month: Vegan Black Bean Burgers
*What's New?: What's New With Vegan Momma?

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Natural Remedies for Pregnancy Constipation

One of the least exciting parts about learning you're pregnant is the moment you realize it's been a day or two since you last went number two. If you're vegan, vegetarian, or even just a heavy veggie eater, you're probably used to that consistent morning bathroom trip or two, and it can be disconcerting for that to change.

But, get used to the changes. Your hormones are raging like never before, and one unfortunate -- but normal -- side effect is constipation during pregnancy.

It may be somewhat shocking to hear that hormones are responsible for pregnancy constipation, but when progesterone spikes, the muscles throughout your body relax. When the digestive tract muscles relax, they don't push food through your body as quickly anymore, giving your body more time to squeeze all the nutrients out of each bit of food in your body, but also often giving you trouble in the bathroom.

You might notice constipation in pregnancy as one of your early pregnancy signs, and it will likely continue through your entire pregnancy. As you get into the third trimester, constipation and pregnancy will probably get worse when your growing uterus presses up against your rectum.

The other thing to blame for constipation during pregnancy is the higher doses of iron in prenatal supplements. Iron can cause pregnancy constipation. If you are dealing with a very bad case of constipation during pregnancy, talk to your doctor or midwife about trying a different dosage of iron in your prenatal pill.

Don't miss these tricks for preventing constipation during pregnancy, as well as some natural remedies.


Superheroine Food of the Month: Flax Seeds

Superheroine for Newsletter

I have experienced the amazing health benefits of flax seeds first hand, on my face. When I first decided to go vegan, I went from eating tons of dairy products to none at all. I felt better almost instantly, but my face broke out like never before. I struggled with it for months, playing a balancing game between trying to allow my body to detoxify and figure itself out on its own and freaking out and trying every type of acne medicine on the market.

The day I realized I needed a better balance of omega-3 fatty acids in my body changed everything. Within a few weeks of adding flax seeds into my diet, my skin cleared up. Amazing, but true.

And, of course, beyond the superficial exterior benefits, there are plenty of other reasons to add flax seeds and flax oil into your diet.

Check out all the health benefits of flax seeds.


Question: "How can I find a pediatrician who is open to veganism?"



"My husband and I have started looking for a pediatrician for our new baby, who's due in eight weeks. He will be our first child and we have a lot of questions for our doctor and we want to feel comfortable being able to ask anything we want. We also want a doctor who understands a vegan diet and won't try to convince us that our child needs to eat meat to get enough protein. The last doctor we went to see was totally closed off and unreceptive to me and made me feel like an idiot for asking questions. She had a "been there, done that" attitude and when we left her office I started crying. How can I find a pediatrician who is open to our lifestyle?"



This is a really good question, Bridget. It used to be that we chose the pediatrician whose office was closest to us or who all our neighbors recommended, and while those can be good reasons to pick a doctor, now there's more to it. If you want someone who's supportive of your vegan lifestyle, you might have to do more searching and interviewing before you find the right fit.

Read my answer to Bridget's question about finding a pediatrician who is open to veganism.


Do you have questions about vegan pregnancy and raising vegan children? Join in the discussion on our site by asking and answering questions, as well as commenting on other answers. You can pay it forward by sharing your experiences with expecting and new moms.


Recipe of the Month: Vegan Black Bean Burgers

Vegan Black Bean Burger with Avocado

Black bean burgers are some of the most common vegan options in any restaurant you visit, and are almost always available in any grocery store. Now you can make your own versions at home in just about the same amount of time it takes to reheat a premade version, and it will be healthier because you control the added ingredients.

I love this recipe for vegan children, and it is perfect for times when their friends come over to eat at your house. It's also perfect as a quick lunch or dinner for you when you have no time to consider other options. Just pick up some nice whole wheat buns, lettuce, tomato, avocados, and condiments and you're ready to go.

Get the complete black bean burgers recipe here.


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