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Vegan news stories have started covering more vegan pregnancies and stories about raising children on a plant-based diet than ever before. I think we have all the blossoming vegan celebrity moms to thank for this… so thank you celebs!

I read tons of news on all the updates throughout the vegan community, and I have to say that it does take some time. Personally, this is fun for me, but as a busy mom, it can be hard to dedicate that amount of time to staying on top of everything.

So that's why I made this page for you.

Now you just have to come to one place to find all the most updated news about pregnancies, child birth, vegan toddlers, and vegan teens that Google can put together.

There are two ways to follow this page. You can either bookmark it and check back when you get curious, or you can subscribe to the RSS feed (for help on this, click on the orange button on the left side of the screen below all the navigation options).

What makes this page better than just a simple google search is that it pulls news stories from across the internet and your local area, in real time.

And, if you know about a news story that isn't featured here yet, you can add your own story below. You can also comment on headline news or on other user's news stories, making it fun and interactive!

Do you have some news on vegan pregnancies or children to add here? Or, do you want to comment on one of the featured stories? Click here to add your comments.
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Here's the major vegan news that Google gathered for us from 4000+ news sources:

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