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Being a parent is perhaps the hardest job in the world, and being a vegan can sometimes feel like making it harder. Not because it's hard to eat vegan, but because of all the opinions people give you on raising children on a plant-based diet. 

All those questions about how your vegan kids get protein...

The world has come a long way towards understanding plant-based diets in recent years, but you may still get questions about how exactly you can raise kids without meat and dairy. 

Like, how in the world are your kids going to get enough protein if they never eat meat? And will their bones wither if they don't drink milk? It's natural for parents to worry, and people can accidentally make things even scarier by throwing these questions at new parents. 

When you’re pregnant, you're a strange mix of terrified, thrilled, anxious, and excited.

All parents want to give the best to their kids, and if you're a vegan already, you probably feel deep down that eating a vegan diet is the safest, healthiest, more centered thing you can do for your growing child.

But, maybe you just want to find a little hub of positive, supportive people who think like you to share your experience.

Just remember... if your diet is good for you, why on earth wouldn’t it be ten times better for a tiny version of you?

Vegan Momma is designed to give you the reassurance you need, whether it’s just to calm that silly doubt inside you or to hush an in-law who’s positive growing children need to drink cow’s milk.

I find more and more women who are looking for a way to raise their children in a natural, organic, holistic way and focus on a plant-based diet, but they're busy and just want the facts.

  • We want to avoid dangerous pesticides, herbicides, and other synthetic chemicals in our baby’s environment.
  • We want to raise compassionate children who are confident enough in social settings to say they prefer not to eat meat, but kind enough to do it without making other children feel judged.
  • We want to instill a love for all creatures in our children so that they grow up with a kind spirit.
  • And, we want to learn the truth from people we trust and pass that truth along to the ones we love.

One of the hardest things for us new moms is how much information is available, and how everything seems to contradict the last thing you read. There are self-righteous people behind each of those schools of thought and sometimes they can target and attack people who feel differently.

I feel strongly that no two children are raised the same exact way and therefore, there's no one right way to do it. You can't keep chasing perfection and you can't worry about what everyone else is telling you to do. Eventually you just need to learn to trust yourself and do it the way you feel is best.

Sort through the information you read and pick what works best for you. Vegan Momma is my way of sorting through all the information I read and picking what worked best for me. I hope it helps you as well, but please know that I don't consider myself an expert in parenting in any way. 

As women today, just like women for all ages, we want the best for our children, and I believe that best is tied to our current plant-based, natural lifestyles. I put together tons of information on the best diet for pregnancy, natural childbirth, the advantages of breastfeeding, homemade baby food, recipes for children, and general information on raising vegetarian children.

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