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All About Vegan Momma...

Hi there!

I'm Cathleen Woods, founder of Vegan Momma, dedicated to everyone who has or is anticipating a family and wants to live a compassionate, plant-based lifestyle.

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In 2008 I quit my day job and started working on something I love; telling people about the benefits of a healthy vegan diet. I looked around for a "real job" working to advocate for animals and veganism, but I had no experience in it. All I had was great passion and belief. So, I decided to do it myself.

Luckily, I found Solo Build It, which turned me from someone who knew absolutely nothing about building a website into someone with a thriving, full, and exciting website, Vegan-Nutritionista.com.

My experience while working on Vegan-Nutritionista.com has been amazing; every day I learn something new and teach myself things I never imagined I'd be doing. And, at the same time, I get to research and help others to find their path in the vegan world. Some people are just curious about how a plant-based diet can help them, others are diving in head-first and need some guidance.

All along the way I've loved being able to share how awareness of our health and nutrition needs is tied to compassion for all living beings, and it's served to strengthen my conviction in the vegan lifestyle.

What I discovered was that there was a group of people, primarily women, who had questions about a part of veganism that is underdeveloped on the internet... vegan pregnancy and raising vegan children. We all want to know if it's safe and how to do it healthfully, and then how to instill the same values we hold so dear to our hearts in our children.

And, this comes at a perfect time in my life as well. Since I was moving into that section of my life, I knew I was going to be a research hound and that I'd want to keep track of everything I learned, and share it with anyone who was curious.

I'll never be able to say I'm an expert on raising a vegan family, but I am extremely dedicated to learning and sharing what I find out. Along the way I'll probably change my mind on one thing or another. That's what growth is all about, isn't it?

So, this is a guide I write for you, researched from my heart and shared the same way I would share this with one of my best friends. I truly hope you love it and it brings peace and happiness to you in this special time of your life.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to email me at Cathleen [at] vegan-momma.com

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