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Giving Baby the Best By Being Vegan

by Kash Villalobos
(Bakersfield, CA, US)

Mommy, Daddy, my daughter, and the baby in my tummy!

Mommy, Daddy, my daughter, and the baby in my tummy!

I'm about two months pregnant with my second child, and my husband, my two-year-old daughter, and I are all VEGAN!

I think being pregnant and vegan is wonderful. Compared to my first pregnancy, I'm in very good spirits, I'm eating well and not feeling sick or bloated, and feeling full but not to the point of my tummy hurting.

I really feel I'm giving my baby "THE BEST" by being vegan during this pregnancy. It is also a lot easier in prep-time; snacks are faster to make for the family, lunch and dinner is a breeze.

Being only 21 and going on to kids now, I feel that the way I eat helps shape who I am and who I will be in the future. Since I'm so young I need to make sure that all the vitamins my children take from my body during pregnancy are put back in with the food I eat. Plus, who doesn't want to live longer? I know I do, and this healthly vegan lifestyle is key.

I would have to say I crave yummy sweets, and once I eat a sweet,e healthly snack I forget about candy altogether. I feel you're more likely to crave things if you're not vegan because your body is telling you what it's missing, but being vegan I know my body better and know what my body needs and don't have to load up on junk.

I think I had a lot of questions about whether I needed to add something else to my diet now that I'm vegan, but the answer is no- if you're already eating healthily, you're fine. Listen to your body because it knows what it needs.

For all the other soon to be vegan mommies: I feel we are doing what's right for our little babies in our tummies and giving the best head start they could get, so keep on, vegan mom! I'm so grateful for my family and the baby in my tummy, and being able to share my thoughts on something so amazing and perfect, thank you!

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