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No Cravings During Pregnancy

by TL
(Connecticut, USA)

Unlike many people, I had no cravings during pregnancy. In fact, it seemed like my body disliked all foods, especially sweet foods. I couldn't eat a lot. The only things I could really eat were bland cereal and anything tasteless. Regardless of my taste buds, I tried to get as many nutrients as I could through cereal, rice, tofu, vegetables, and vegan prenatal vitamins.

Consider yourself lucky if you can eat while pregnant. My recommendation is to eat as much as your body needs. You don't want to lack nutrients because it poses a risk to baby's health or overeat because it makes it harder to give birth.

Editor's Note:

Ugh! It sounds like you had a really bad case of nausea during pregnancy. I applaud you for continuing to try finding ways to get nutritious foods into your body, even if your stomach was protesting.

Hopefully afterwards you regained your taste for a variety of foods and you're feeling better now. Baby makes it worth it, right?!

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