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Vegan Baby Bowel Movements

by Anonymous

All of my friends with babies are non-vegan so I don't really have anyone to ask. Does an exclusively vegan breastfed baby's bowel movements differ in color than non-vegan breastfed babies? My little one is 9 weeks and the last two weeks his bowel movements have changed from a mustardy color to a green and sometime brownish green and not as "seedy" as previously. Is it because I'm vegan or could there be something wrong?

Thank you!

Vegan Momma's Comments:

Hi fellow Vegan Momma!

Poop is one of those fascinating baby topics that to non-parents is totally disgusting. But for us, it really can tell us quite a bit about how the human body is functioning. I actually remember googling this very topic and not finding much information, so I'm glad you came here to discuss.

At our newborn photo shoot in 2013, our photographer said that normally newborn poop has no scent and ours actually smelled sweet. Interesting, right? I told her what I eat and she guessed that it's likely related. How could it not be?

I was more proud of this than worried though, and I continue to be very happy with my daughter's bowel movements, which are soft but well formed and large, showing that all the fiber she eats is helping to clear everything out of her colon and bowels and not getting stuck like animal products are prone to do.

To reassure you, breastfed babies do have seedy bowel movements, which has something to do with how their bodies break down the breast milk. I'm not sure that any research has ever been done on the different types of poop based on what the mother is eating, but to me it totally makes sense that if your breast milk is completely supplied with plant food the result is going to be a baby who processes their food in a different way.

My baby also stopped having seedy poops around the same time as yours, and she was absolutely healthy and happy. We also went through different shades of poop, and I personally would not be worried about a greenish or brownish-green poop. If you eat more green food than other moms, there's a good chance your baby is going to shed some more green than theirs.

You're probably correct in assuming that your baby's bowels will move differently than even other breastfed babies and therefore you can't compare by asking other mothers. Come here though and we should be able to offer up some opinions.

Another thing to put your mind at ease... their bowel movements change all the time. Breast milk also changes constantly to adjust to how much your baby is growing and developing, so it makes sense that you would notice a change around 9 weeks. In the beginning all the little changes can be worrisome, but you will get used to seeing differences and will start to recognize a pattern.

What I would consider alarming baby bowel movements would be extremely watery diarrhea that lasts for more than a day (because of the risk of dehydration), and going for more than a week without a stool. I have to say though, it's really unlikely that a vegan baby is going to go that long without a bowel movement. The time we hit two days without a poop I was concerned because I was so accustomed to her several times a day bowel movements. Of course it was absolutely normal and simply related to the fact that she was eating more solids and her body was learning how to process that change.

I will say this though, if you ever really worry about anything with your baby, the best move is just to call their pediatrician. A doctor can properly triage whether the bowel movements sound concerning or whether it's absolutely normal. Do not feel bad about calling whenever you feel the need; this is what being a mom is all about, especially when you're new in the role.

Anyone want to add any experience with their children having different poops than other breastfed babies?

Update in 2022: I've had three vegan babies, all breastfed, and what I'd say now is that poop changes over time. It's very likely related to what I'm eating and how hydrated I'm staying, but each child has their own intestines and that impacts their poop as well. I try to make sure I'm eating a nutrient dense diet and rehydrating with electrolytes. Breastfeeding is taxing on your body and you need to fuel properly!

If your baby is having issues with poop, sometimes a high quality probiotic can help. My pediatrician recommended Klaire Labs infant probiotic in powdered form. You can sprinkle a little onto your nipple and let your baby latch and drink it that way, though it does tend to make a clumpy mess and very little babies don't love that texture in their mouths. You can also add it to a little bit of pumped or expressed milk and let your baby drink that from a bottle.

Any big changes in poop are a good reason to check in with your doctor just to be sure it doesn't indicate something more serious.


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Aug 08, 2021
Different poo here
by: Anonymous

For this baby #3, I’ve been vegan since I was still in my 3rd trimester and he’s 4 months old now. My mature breast milk has a blue/green tint to it that has nothing to do with pump session timing or fore milk/hind milk. And my son has extremely frequent, thinner stools than my previous babies. He poops as frequently as he eats and has since he was born. It’s rare to have a diaper change without at least a smear of poop. Color is mustard and seedy, but it’s very runny and prone to blowouts. I’ve stopped being able to keep up with his needs (I have a plethora of boob issues on top of not being a great producer. I’m on a close texting basis with my lactation consultant lol), so I’ve started supplementing with formula and his formula poops are green and thicker, more like regular baby poop consistency.

One thing I can’t understand is that my two toddlers’ chronic constipation has disappeared since my husband and I went vegan. The only change to their diet is no more steak (which was pretty infrequent) and switching their morning and night milk to soy milk. Otherwise, they still have cheese and yogurt and chicken and everything they always ate. They’ve been regular for months consistently after years of needing daily prune juice and constipation supplements. The difference is huge!

Apr 30, 2019
Toddler Bowel Movements
by: Anonymous

Hi, I was wondering about vegan toddler bowel movements. My daughter is 2 1/2 years old and has very mushy poop and sometimes it is "juicy" gross way to example it but can’t think of another word but it’s not watery like diarrhea. I just want to see if this is normal with other vegan kids. Her nanny thinks she may have a soy allergy because she says it’s not normal to have such loose stool, but she’s never had a vegan kid under her care before. Any thoughts?

Feb 11, 2019
My plant based baby's poop
by: Anonymous

I've been vegan over a year now. My baby was conceived, carried (I followed a strenuous work out routine and quit completely because I listened to non sense about being 34 and could possibly have complications carrying later in life and being vegan and only weighing 110lbs... I gained 80lbs while pregnant... I will not do that again) birthed (exact due date natural with no complications 6lb 14oz completely healthy) and now (8 weeks) exclusively breast fed. all while I consumed a plant based diet. At about 7 weeks his poop went from the yellow seedy to a now dark green very smelly poop. His skin is perfect... No diaper rash. He is noticably growing in weight and length. His development seems to be on par if not a smidge quicker than what I read for a baby his age as each week passes. He's got a wonderful disposition. Very happy and chatty, very focused and sharp. He still poops very frequently almost always while breastfeeding or shortly after. I just started looking into this because I've heard babies poop less frequently and that their poop Should not be green at 8 weeks. Everything I've read so far is about formula fed babies or breast fed but not plant based breast milk. This is the first I've read about vegan baby poop so I figured I'd throw in my two cents while I continue my research. Sorry for all the details I assume the more specific the better for anyone else to be able to compare their experience or whatever. This is also my first child... If that matters at all. Lol

Apr 15, 2018
Vegan breastfed baby
by: Sarah

I've been on a vegan diet for the past week and lately my 4 month old who is exclusively breastfed has had changes in his poo. Instead of the yellow color and the sweet smell, it is now a greenish brown and the smell has definitely changed. It's not terrible like a baby who eats solids or drinks formula, but it's definitely not as sweet. This is my fourth baby breastfed baby and my first to experience a vegan diet from my milk. My other three kiddos experienced breastmilk from a basic diet and their poo did not change color or smell until solids were introduced. So, yes, there are definitely differences in poo color and smell for an infant drinking breastmilk from a vegan mom.

Jan 03, 2017
Vegan Baby Poop
by: Ashley

Hi, I've been vegan for about a month now, and I'm the mother of a two-month old exclusively breastfed baby. After a month of just eating plants, her poop has changed consistency from liquid-seedy to something like a thick paste. The color is still mustardy.

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